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What Is Corporate Identity ?

Corporate Identity is the signature of an institution. The concept of corporate identity describes a multi - dimensional image work, especially audio - visual communication. The aim of this study is to convey the historical, cultural and geographical identities of the institutions, the aims and ideals of the institutions, their products and services, their sectoral positions with the least effort, in the shortest possible time and effectively.

In another expression, corporate identity is the name given to the face of society or society in front of the society, the philosophy of an institution or organization, identity design in front of the public, communication with the public, an identity study involving posture and behavior.

Corporate identity is not only the emblem and logo of a company, institution or organization but also the effect that the company intends to create on its target groups. This is exemplified by the fact that all offices worldwide of international brands are decorated in the same style, reflecting the same visual identity of product packaging.

Corporate identity is the way a company or organization expresses itself. All institutions should have a unique corporate identity booklet. The right work of the created is scraped from the mind of the consumer. This ensures that the most efficient and accurate advertising work is achieved.

The Importance Of Corporate Identity

• Corporate Identity is the face of the company.

• The most important element of success is the position, character, and image that the brand has left behind.

•Using identity standards as a strategy creates confidence in the customer.

What Does Corporate Identity Bring To The Company ?

Well-prepared Corporate Identity provides a company with:

• Placement of company name in memories

• Transmission of company characteristics at visual speed (dynamism, innovation etc.)

• Quality assurance of products and services

• Providing initial information about the nature and sectoral locations of products and services

• At first glance, leaving the opponents.

Corporate Identity also needs to be renewed periodically. The most effective way to "notice the difference" as the firm and the market evolve is to reflect it in the image, in other words, to be effective and direct, ie visually telling it beyond the prejudice.

Why Corporate Identity ?

The factors that cause companies to set their own image are:

• Finding, targeting, for the advertisement.

• To inform the media.

• Promoting sales.

• To help build the reputation of the institution.

• Creating an identity for employees.

• To justify the gain and explain its role.

• To create internal harmony and to help identify and share values among employees.

• Affect financial institutions and investors.

• To point to the new administration of the institution and the name change.

• To develop and support good relations with the public, the government, private groups and other opinion leaders.

• Using identity studies as a recruiting-based positioning strategy.


Do not have your corporate identity, start with a quality logo.

Logo is the main body of your corporate identity. A good logo is the most rational and profitable investment for a company. "The quality of a company providing quality service should be a quality logo" understanding of the world's entire corporate success stories are coincidences. It is an identity item that you can use everywhere and it should carry the following characteristics:

• It must be unique in the industry.

• The maximum amount of information should be given in the minimum amount of time.

• It should be perceived by the widest possible audience.

• It should be related to your company's services and products with features such as color and shape.

• Your company's "soul" should be reflected and embodied.

• All surfaces and sizes should be smoothly applied.

• The application of different surfaces and media should not lead to overspending.